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The return of Hong Kong's sovereignty to China on the midnight of June 30 will not only end British rule of the island, but also colonial history in Asia. To commemorate this important historical event, eminent Toronto artist Peng Ma has chose an old Chinese art medium--china, and created a series of six ceramic paintings. They are 38cm by diameter and entitled: "Good Morning, Hong Kong!"; "Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong"; "Mount Tai Ping in Hong Kong"; "Fireworks over Qing Ma Bridge"; "Hong Kong--Pearl of the East" and "World's Tallest Bronze Buddha on Lantua Island."

Ma started this project in early spring. When Mr. Lu Ping, the Chinese chief officer to Hong Kong and Macaw, paid his official visit to Canada on April 19, Mr. Lu signed on the front of two plates, #1 and #6 of the series. Later about 150 Canadians signed on the back of the plates, among whom were politicians, community leaders, commonwealth writers, artists, business people, university professors, students, and people of all walks of life and from differed racial and cultural backgrounds.

Suggested by people who have put their signatures on the plates, CAN Design International that has been directly involved in the project decided to publish a special edition postcards of the ceramic works. There are six cards in the set contained in a beautifully designed case. Printed on the back of the case are letters from Prime Minister Jean Chretien and from the Chinese Scholars' Exchange Association.

A set of this special edition postcards is sold for $15. For more information please contact Dr. Lien Chao at 416-932-9128 or fill in our online order form.