The following are some web sites CAN Design has designed in its entirety. There are many other web sites that contains work by CAN Design, however, they are not all listed here.

Note: Some of these sites may appear different today as the various respective clients may have modified the content or look of their web site.

Young People's Press

Young People's Press is a free national news service produced by youth for teen and adult print, radio, TV and online media. Stories cover youth violence; gun control; poverty and homelessness; children's rights; politics, political conventions and elections; diversity, race relations and gender issues; religion and ethics; education and schools; health and addiction; teen pregnancy and sexuality; gay and lesbian issues; living and working conditions for children worldwide; science, environment and technology.

This is a fully database driven web site.

Catholic Missions In Canada

The mission of The Catholic Church Extension Society of Canada is to foster and extend the blessings of the Catholic faith through the support of Canadian Missionaries in regions of our country where the population is too small, or the economic situation of the community is too fragile for the people themselves to support their local Church and its ministry.

This is a partially dynamic (CGI) site with E-Commerce capabilities.

TSAR Books

TSAR Publications began producing literary books in 1985, as an extension of the activities of the Toronto South Asian Review, a literary magazine founded in 1981 with the objective of promoting literature produced by South Asian and other minority groups in North America. TSAR's web site includes exerpts from The Toronto Review and information about many publications.

This is a static HTML web site.

Dr. Spear and Associates

Dr. P.A. Spear and Associates are professional optometrists located in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Their goal is to meet the needs of their patients with the highest quality of service and the most up-to-date technology.

After more than 150,000 hits, Dr. Spear's site has been totally redesigned and is now better than ever.

New features on the web site include DHTML pull down menus for simple navigation, CSS for consistency of presentation, embedded search engine for fast information retrieval, and a site map to help you find every bit of information on the web site.

This is a static HTML web site with some CGI functionality.

University of Toronto
U of T-Electrical and Computer Engineering

The University of Toronto Electrical and Computer Engineering department web site. This site offers information for high school students interested in entering the field of electrical and computer engineering, online handbooks for undergraduate and graduate students, information about the numerous research groups in ECE at U of T, and a in depth academic staff listing and their associated research groups.

Maple Gallery

Maple Gallery is a professionally-designed, electronic virtual gallery. It is launched in the era of the Information Superhighway with the aim of serving visual artists and presenting their fine art work in front of the world.

Hong Kong Returns to China Post Cards

A special set of post cards designed by artist Peng Ma commemorating Hong Kong's return to China.
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