Our mission is to help small and medium sized companies make the most out of their computing/networking equipment, and establish a professional Internet presence for their products and services.
On Web Site Design
There are so many web sites out with Java, animations, ActiveX, Flash and other gimmicks that distract your attention, and hide the information you are really looking for. Many of these enhancements do not make a web site more useful, or necessarily even attractive. In fact, they will either install garbage on to your system, or crash your browser.

At CAN Design, we do not create web sites to show off the latest gimmick.

We design web sites that are elegant and efficient. Our web sites are always logically organized and easy to access through an intuitive interface. Our web sites are optimized to minimize retrieval time. Further, our web sites are also designed to be compatible with the gamut of software and hardware platforms out there.

On Technical Support
We have often been deemed miracle workers because our clients call us when all else has failed, and we always deliver results. Our wide area of expertise and considerable experience give us an unparalleled edge in technical problem solving.

The Bottom Line

We make things work.

Whether it be bringing your network back online so you can get back to work, or setting up a E-Commerce web site so you can make money online. Whatever the job, we deliver results.

CAN Design has been in business since 1996. We are a small group of professionals based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Our team consists of a professional artist with more than 40 years of experience, a writer/editor with a Ph. D. in English, a database developer who specializes in SQL/Oracle, and a network engineer (B. Eng. & CCNA) with 8 years of experience developing web applications and solving problems of all sizes in the industry.
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