Web Site Design
We design web sites of all kinds, small and large, simple and complex, static and dynamic. We work with you to translate your ideas into an elegant, efficient, professional and cost effective web site. We can design all aspects of the site, from initial planning to final implementation. We can also take an existing web site of yours and update it to whatever you want it to be.
Web Application Development
We design dynamic database driven web sites using a variety of languages (ASP, ColdFusion, PHP, Perl). Database driven web sites offer tremendous advantages over static HTML sites, especially in the area of ease of maintenance and updates. For example, if you have a static HTML based web site with 100 products. If you wanted to reorganize how those products are listed, from alphabetical order to ascending price, you would have to do a lot of HTML editing to reorganize all the products on that page. If you had a database driven site however, all you have to do is change the sorting option, and it's done!

When we build a dynamic database driven site, we not only design the database to store the site content and the front end software to retrieve the data, but we also custom build a suite of easy to use, remote management software for your site. These remote management tools will allow you to add, edit, and remove content (text, pictures, audio, video) from your web site through a web browser interface, all without having to learn any programming. These tools empower you and gives you full control over your web site.

If your business wants to sell products or services online, we can help you. We can custom build secure E-Commerce solutions for your company. We have experience implementing and tailoring commercial turn-key E-Commerce solutions, as well as custom designing complete E-Commerce packages. We will get the job done, professionally, securely, and cost effectively.
LAN Installation/Maintenance/Support
We not only provide advanced web development solutions, we also can help you install and maintain your LAN. We can implement firewalls, anti-virus systems, backup/recovery systems, IP sharing, etc. We also provide support for all typical office hardware (servers, workstations, modems, printers, etc) as well as office software applications.

Whatever the problem is, give us a call, if we can't fix it, we can tell you who can.

Multimedia Development
We also provide a number of multimedia services such as video capturing, video editing, MPEG/VCD editing/authoring, and live Internet video streaming.

Whether you need video media for your web site or as a standalone product, we can help.

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